Notification letter on the impact of epidemic situation on business activities
17 September 2021

Dear customers, partners and friends

Recently, COVID-19 broke out in some parts of Xiamen. To cooperate with the relevant epidemic prevention policies, the anti-epidemic emergency team has been set up quickly by the technology of excellent use of the technology. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of all the employees and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, the emergency plan for the production and operation activities of the company has been implemented. At present, the overall business activities of the company are normal and orderly.

In the current outbreak of the epidemic in Fujian, Xiamen responded with the fastest speed, issued a sonorous and powerful epidemic prevention policy, and guaranteed people's life to the greatest extent. Unisol is well versed in the "Xiamen spirit" and actively studies and implements it in various epidemic prevention work - on the premise of strictly cooperating with a series of epidemic prevention measures taken by the government, actively overcomes various difficulties and tries its best to ensure the normal operation of various business activities.

Due to the closure of epidemic prevention measures in some areas, the production, delivery, logistics, and services of some projects are affected to varying degrees, which may still cause delays in the delivery and delivery of some products - we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, and ask for your understanding.

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September 17th, 2021

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