About us
About us

UNISOL Membrane Technology is a global membrane and membrane module supplier, focusing on membrane filtration products and innovative technologies. It can provide a wide range of membrane products and technical services according to different needs of customers.

The product portfolio covers micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis within a variety of markets and applications. Standardized or customized products can be provided according to customer needs, covering various dimensions and operating conditions.

The team is dedicated to serve as a reliable enabler for the business of our partners along highly qualified products. In order to achieve our targets we do rely on the dedicated work of our employees and a high degree of automation in operation.

UNISOL has branches in many countries around the world, including China, Germany, India and the United States, which be able to provide high-quality services to users around the world better and faster.

Company culture

To support our customers by supplying a superior product while sustaining the environment




Exceeding our customers'

Quality Target

Continuous improvement of quality.

UNISOL firmly believes that quality is the soul of products
Strictly observe every standard, every process of production, every detail of service
Create maximum value for customers
UNISOL provides professional and thoughtful research and development consulting services for filter membrane components, warmly welcome your consultation.
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