Our product portfolio extends from standardized filtration modules to customized filtration modules, they cover micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Our offering includes flat sheet, spiral wound modules, tubular modules, DTRO modules and a hybrid MBR.
DT/ST modules

A new enhanced generation of DT/ST modules

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Spiral Wound Modules

UNISOL has R&D a full range of roll membrane products including MF, UF, NF, RO for different application fields.

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Flat Sheet

UNISOL flat sheet membranes cover the whole range from micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration

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Within the application of MBR the membrane serves a s a physical barrier to separate the liquid phase from the biomass.

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Tubular Modules

MEMOS tubular ultrafiltration membranes have superior performance and are widely used in various wastewater treat.

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