Spiral Wound Modules

For the different applications of spiral wound modules, UNISOL provides a portfolio of spiral wound modules that stretches from standard modules to products that are designed precisely to the customer needs. 

All designs available
Spiral Wound Membrane Modules

To cover the high variety of applications, UNISOL provides the complete spectrum of MF, UF, NF and RO spiral wound elements, the module design stretches from standard elements to fully customized specialty products.

Examples of Applications

E-coatStandardization of milkCream cheese production

Concentration of 

protein and gelatin

Whey concentration
Clarification of cheese brine
fermentation broths
Clarification of soy sauceAcid recovery
Caustic recoveryIndustrial waterOil / Water emulsions


Spiral Wound Element Construction


Product Codes For Spiral Wound Elements

Module:  FG-UPV200-8040-C


     Design / Application


    Membrane Type / MWCO


    Diameter /   Length


    Feed spacer

    SN Sanitary Design
    SH Sanitary Design
    ID Industrial Design
    EC Electro coating
    PD Pharmaceutical Design
    FG Fiberglass
    CR Caustic Resistant
    AR Acid Resistant
    HP High Pressure Resistant

    TR Temperature Resistant


    Example: FG


    UPS Polyethersulfone
    USP Polysulfone
    UPV Polyvinylidene
    MPV Polyvinylidene
    NFDK/NFDL Piperazinamide

    SW3013 Polyamide


    Example: UPV200

    MWCO 200kDa

    25 40
    38 38
    40 40
    43 33
    63 38
    80 38
    80 40

    83 38


    Example:  8040
Diameter 8.0inch

    Length 40inch

    A 34mil (parallel)
    B 31mil (diamond)
    C 46mil (diamond)
    D 51mil (parallel)
    E 65mil (diamond)
    F 80mil (diamond)
    G 80mil (parallel)
    H 60mil (parallel)
    J 28mil (diamond)
    K 20mil (diamond)
    L 24mil (diamond)

    M 34mil (diamond)

  * 1 mil = 0,001 inch*


    Example: C

    46mil diamond

Operating Condition For Spiral Wound Elements




FDA Compliant Materials


Wide range of membrane types


High temperature resistance


High pH, solvent resistance


Great mechanical strength



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