DT/ST modules

The DT/ST modules of UNISOL are cost effective solutions for the desalination or purifications of liquids. Our DT/ST module design can handle feed streams at high TDS and certainly can provide various separation characteristics.

A new enhanced generation of DT/ST modules
Product Introduction

DT/ST membrane technology is a major advancement in the field of membrane module technology. With more than 10 years of practical experience in industrial membrane technology, UNISOL has continuously developed a series of products and systems, widely used in landfill leachate treatment, desulfurization wastewater treatment, coal chemical wastewater, and oil and gas field wastewater treatment.


  • High quality membrane: stable performance at high flux and rejection

  • A new generation of deflector: improved robustness, higher operating pressure and tubulence leading to higher yields and flux

  • Long membrane life: reduced cost of operation

  • High packing density: the spiral wound design allows for a maximum membrane area in the module


  • Landfill leachate treatment

  • Concentration

  • Chemical wastewater

  • Wastewater desulfurization

  • High solids applications

  • Offshore seawater desalination

  • Zero discharge / Reduction of industrial wastewater

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